About ProAbled Academy

ProAbled Academy's objective is to boost a shift in society's mindset from limiting capacities of people with physical disabilities and financial challenges to creating opportunities for them to prove that they are PROfessionally Able.

Our Vision: To contribute to building an inclusive society where persons with disabilities can lead a productive and dignified life.

Our Mission: We pave the way to normalizing disability inclusion culture by providing education, training, coaching, and consultancy to corporate, public, and academic institutions.

ProAbled Academy provides HRs and managers in companies, employees with disabilities, architects and engineers with different consulting and certificates in inclusive recruitment, work readiness and inclusive design.

Experts from international organizations in the US, Europe and Lebanon joined efforts to design the following certifications:

1. Essentials of Disability and Inclusion
For individuals and companies interested in inclusion

2. Inclusion Strategy and Corporate Policies
For managers and board members

3. Inclusive Recruitment of persons with Disabilities
For HRs and recruiters

4. Building Accessibility and Inclusive Design
For architects and engineers

ProAbled Academy also offers live training and workshops in:

  • Work readiness program
    for employees with disabilities

ProAbled Collaborators

1. Curriculum Consultants

Dr. Itab Shuayb

Dr. Itab Shuayb is a lecturer is an inclusive design at the department of architecture and design at the American University of Beirut . She is an inclusive design specialist and access consultant. She published her book titled " Inclusive University Built Environments: The Impact of Approved Document M for Architects, Designers, and Engineers" in 2020.

Abraham Abdallah

Abraham Abdallah is a human rights activist in the fields of disability rights, inclusion, humanitarian actions and inclusive education and employment. He has a bachelor of arts in Business Finance and Political Science and a Master's degree in International Law. He is the former president of the Arab Organization of Persons with Disabilities and an IDA board member and is currently an executive board member of the National Council on Disability in Lebanon.

Mirna Abi Aad Abi Nassif

Mirna is a senior HR/Training & Development consultant, a social entrepreneur, a trainer/facilitator, a Design Thinking and Resilience practitioner and a Positive Discipline educator. She has expertise in HR processes design and implementation complying with quality standards such as ISO 9001 and cGMP. She offers consultancy in programs design, content development and M&E in inclusion of people with disabilities and organizations and youth development.

Fadi El Halabi

Fadi El Halabi is a Psychotherapist and Counselor for Adults and Couples, Integrative Stress Management Coach, Trainer/Facilitator, Resilience and Design Thinking Practitioner and a committed disability advocate. Since 2006, he consults and leads the Ecumenical Disability Advocates Network (EDAN) within Lebanon and the Middle-East; where he intervenes in the public, private, civic and educational sectors. Fadi is a T.V. and Radio talk show host.

Grace Khawam Sarrouh

Grace Khawam is a public health professional and a disability activist. She is currently a PhD researcher in Disability and Development at Oxford Brookes University, UK. She has a Doctorate in Pharmacy and a Master's degree in Public Health from the American University of Beirut. Grace has worked for more than 12 years in the development and humanitarian fields in Lebanon, essentially within a M&E capacity at local and international non-governmental organizations.

Dr. Hussein Ismail

Dr. Hussein Ismail is Deaf, holder of a Doctorate in Educational Administration. He teaches Sign Language and Deaf Cultures at various university settings in Lebanon such as Saint-Joseph University, Lebanese University and American University of Beirut. He is a Founder/Director of the Learning Center for the Deaf and a Founder/President of the Lebanese Federation of the Deaf.

Dr. Cynthia el Hajj (Occupational therapist)

2. The team

Samer Sfeir

Samer is a social entrepreneur with an engineering background and holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree from the American University of Beirut. He is the co-founder of shareQ NGO, M Social Catering and ProAbled. He is currently giving trainings and workshops on entrepreneurship for several Local and international organizations. In 2018, he is a founding member of the Lebanese Social Enterprise Association (LSE).

Sergio Moukarzel

Sergio is a certified trainer, coach, trainer and teacher from John Maxwell USA. He delivers certified 6 core learning systems such as Leadership Gold and Put your dreams to the test. He gives training based to potential candidates with physical and sensory disability and financial challenges from refugees and host communities. He also provides training to HR teams in companies on inclusion of persons with disabilities (PWD) in the workplace.

Marwan Sfeir

Marwan is an architect and landscape architect. He is a trainer and expert coach in inclusive design and architecture. He trains architects and engineers on inclusive design and building accessibility and coaches and support companies in consulting for their future projects to improve inclusivity in the buildings they design or improve to become more accessible.

ProAbled Partners and Portfolio

1. International Organizations :

ESCWA Asfari AlFanar
UK-AID Norwegian British-Council

2. Public Institutions:

Work-Ministry Ministry-Social-Affairs

3. Universities:

AUB Antonine NDU

4. Companies:

Malia Debbane-Saikaly Cedrus-Bank
Silkor LOreal Indevco

Feedback and Reviews

Swan Group Holding

"The trainings have created more awareness on the cases of persons with disabilities and encouraged us to be actors in the change as well as in the improvement of the mentalities."

Jird 40

"I have learned about proper terminologies, how to communicate well with PWDs, types of disabilities, etc.. Most of this knowledge is new for me, and I definitely can apply it in my business. What most grabbed my attention, is how recruiting PWDs can be beneficial for both the hired person and the business: this is a new perspective I've never thought of it."